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xię                    THE CHURCH OF S. THEKLA                    211
, honour of seeing among the worshippers before its altar Anna Dalassena, the mother of the Comneni. For, when charged with the government of the Empire during the absence of Alexius Cornnenus from the capital, that able woman came often to pray in this church, £ lest she should be immersed in merely secular affairs.'1
Architectural Features
(For Plan see p. 206)
The building is an oblong hall, m. 13.55 ^7 m* 5'4? divided into three compartments. It is now covered with a wooden roof, but the arrangements of the breaks or pilasters on the walls indicate that it had originally a dome, At the east end is a single apse, the usual side-apses being represented by two niches. The western compartment served as a narthex. During the repairs of the mosque in 1890, frescoes of the eikons which once decorated the walls were brought to view. On the exterior the apse shows three sides, crowned with a corbelled cornice. The central side is pierced by a window of good workmanship, divided by a shaft into two lights, and above the window are two short blind concave niches. High blind concave niches indent the other sides of the apse. In the northern wall are the remains of a triple window, divided by shafts built in courses. Above this is a row of three small windows.
1 Anna Comnena, vol. i. p. 169.